Our story

My mom and I have always been super close, and have always given unconditional love to each other. Growing up, my mom was always my role model. She embodied everything that I one day wished to be – a strong, independent, successful woman with a heart filled with generosity, love, and selflessness. Her unbound compassion and kindness shows in the success she has created in her acupuncture clinic. 80% of Holmdel Acupuncture’s wonderful patients are based on referrals! My mom’s unbelievable willingness to give and share the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine is the inspiration for the starting of bestchineseherbalist.

With myself being a true, loyal follower of traditional Chinese medicine, my mom and I started this business in hopes of sharing our experiences with many others. I used to suffer from asthma when I was very young. Only through dedicated treatment and herbal remedies my mom prescribed, I was able to eradicate my asthma after a year! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mom in my life, who has helped me experience the true healing powers of herbs. I truly believe that Chinese medicine can benefit all of those who are willing to try it, and I hope that every single one of our customers can experience these same benefits.